Thursday, November 24, 2011

Planning FARP. Using YDIN. Planning char gen

In forum people were asking for gamemaster to run forum roleplaying game. I thought I could possibly run one. But first I have to be sure I can commit on it.

Started planning game. Setting will be fictite victorian England. Started planning from the basics. Character creation.

YDIN has six attributes for characters ranging 1 to 6. I restrict buying 6th level in the beginning though as it basically is human limits. There will be two options to determine attributes.
1. Place numbers 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, 2 where you like.
2. Share 19 points between attributes one point equals one value.

Second is skills. First I made a skills list looking like this:
Shadower, riding horse, driving cart, lockpicking, sleigh of hand, acrobatics, athletics, first aid, crafts+, intimidation, empathy, leadership, subterfuge, animal handling, charming, streetwise, expertise+, science+*, speak language+*, read/write language+*, medicine, legends and mysteries, finance, survival nature, brawl, weaponry, firearms, dodge, parry.

Skills with + contain sub categories. For example craft wood or speak language latin.
Skills with * cannot be used skilless.

There are 30 points to share to skills (generally points to share equal number of available skills). Skill point cost is 1 point for level 1, 2 points for level 2 and 4 points for level 3 which is maximum. With experience you can get skill level up to 4 though.

Mother language starts with 2 and 1 to read/write.

Gifts you get 3 points to share and they are:
Charismatic - 1 point
Athletic - 1 point
Alcohol resistance - 1 points
Confident - 1 points
Street person - 1 points
Good dark vision - 1 points
Special - 3 points (get value 5 attribute to 6)
Hawkeye - 1 points
Lithe - 1 points
Military background - 2 points
Wealthy - 2 points
Lucky - 2 points
Beautiful/handsome - 2 points
Extremely good sense - 2 points choose one
Medium (to supernatural) - 2 points
Talented - 3 points (+5 points to skills)

I think many of those are self explaining but for the game I will detail them. They both add aspects to roleplaying and game mechanics. I might also write more gifts.

And naturally there are 3 points for hobbies what are skills out from skill list like chess playing, playing an instrument, poetry, cooking etc.

I am quite happy with the skills list. I think it will cover victorian game. Of course there could be skill for mechanical devices but I think it goes under science and is relatively rare.

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