Friday, November 4, 2011

Quick update on M&M plans

My girlfriend is a student but currently he is working for 8 days. We both have lunch hour now but we work in different places. I got this text message where she asked:

"In Mutants & Masterminds can you create a character what is like super strong and can throw opponents for some distances?"

What is a better way to spend your lunch hour (I think it's 45-60 minutes there) than planning your next roleplaying game character? I have put some pressure on her to make a sketch about her character. I told that at this point I only need some history and who the character is. Why is s/he superhero or has these powers and what will s/he do with those powers. After she has this concept ready we start to go through how to make it happen in character creation.

Mutants & Masterminds has this power level thing. It's basically like D&D levels. Normal characters start in 10th level but you can add or subtract levels according to your campaign. I am going with that 10th level thing if her character doesn't need more to happen. Or if she wants her character to be more down to earth I will adjust the starting power level lower.

Great thing about Mutants & Masterminds is that with just only the core book you can create unlimited amount of character. Basically if you imagine it, you can create it. But there also is a problem (you can find my report of M&M step-by-step test character creation here). When I created my first character without a plan the variety of choices was overwhelming! So with my gf's character I decided that first she decides her characters concept and overview of powers then we find from character creation rules what will suit her idea. Way much easier than starting character build from a scratch without any idea what the character will be.

If she gets her character concept done I will try to create the character with her this weekend (gotta print some sheets). Then when current game ends the new character for new game is ready to go without any delay.

The world? It will be a city inspired by movies Sin City and The Spirit. I will just roughly sketch it and add elements during the course of game.


Philo Pharynx said...

"I am going with that 10th level thing if her character doesn't need more to happen."

The best thing that happened to our M&M games is the idea that 1PL does not equal x character points. I'd set the PL lower if you are trying to do a urban type game like you mentioned. That way a guy with a gun can still be a bit of threat. esepcially in groups. Set the point value to get most of what she wants, even if that goes over the reccomended points for that PL. (don't let her get everything she wants or she won't have much to do with her experience). Jump PL when you want to jump PL, not when you've accumulated X points. Extra points make low level games better, because most things scale with level, but feats don't. And feats are often important at lower PL games.

Unknown said...

@Philo. Okay thanx! I want more this street level. You know, it's not nice to get shoot at but probably character has better changes to survive than a norm (stamina, suit, dexterity...). I'll keep that in mind when creating a character.

I'll get back on the topic when character's created.