Thursday, March 1, 2012

Instaregion from Zak's blog - my version

I love this! I have to create my own version of this for my own use. Basically drop dice and see where they land and that's there. Except I will determine what features are in a certain hex.

For example if I drop dice for graveyard and an inn I'll feature those in the location where character is. Basically it is random encounter table + random location generator.

For example if characters are travelling from town A to evil wizard's tower B I drop dice for this random location table and that's what's between the travel.

I might create a second table to determine what dice I roll. Like if there is location encounter or not on the way. For example 10% change to 4 location encounters, 50% change for 2 and 10% change for nothing (fill the gaps). Also second table could tell what dice to use.

Dice determine what the location's adventure, danger, size or some other level is.

Basically it goes like this.

1. I roll if there's a location encounter that day of travel
2. If yes, I roll what dice I use to determine it
3. I drop the dice which I got
4. I see where dice land and what it's level is
5. Table separately to see are they hostile or what (use LotFP NPC roll)

I roll for location encounter and get 2 for a result. Then I roll and get d4 and d10 which I drop on the location encounter plan and get graveyard with result 3 and inn with result 9. I roll to see are they hostile or what and get nothing special for the graveyard but inn is a bad place.
Then I spend few minutes and few sentences to describe the place.

"There is old cemetary besides the road. It is rather small and looks deserted. Everything is old and it is not visited for a long time. There are no population nearby so the cemetary must be really old. Later there is an inn. It looks equally deserted but the dead have rised from the graves of nearby cemetary and now are located at the inn and are hostile."

I love Zak's blog. It is so inspiring and the guy is full of ideas!

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