Friday, March 2, 2012

[LotFP] Guards and laws of Nurmberg

City of Nurmberg is human city and all demi-humans are despised (2 hindrance to reaction rolls for demi-humans). Guards keep town in order but northwest are they leave alone. It is the worst part of the town and guards don't have any interest in it as long as the trouble and the rabble stay there. Sometimes guards go there in their free time to drink without consequences and use cheap harlots as they please. Otherwise well behaving guards might be real troublemaker where law is not supervised.

Guards are no chatters. They leave people alone as long as they behave.

Minor violations cost sp (1d4 x 10 sp), small stocks (1d6 days) but more severe (medium) means jail time for 2d6 days X severity. More severe crimes mean 2d6 years of jail time and murders or crimes against duke or priest are death sentence by hanging. Gallow is in the middle of the city in marketplace and executions are welcomed amusement. It is Referee's decision if violation is minor, small or severe. Demi-human's crimes are always one step more serious (minor becomes small, small comes medium but rarely medium is death sentence).

Main chief of guards is the duke but who actually is leading and managing them is guard captain Hubertus Reimann. He is really strict man but age starts to show in him. His grey short hair and well cared beard radiate auctority.
He is not usually seen in public as he spends his time mostly managing and planning in either duke's castle or in the main guard barracks.
Hubertus Reimann is also the judge of the city.

2HD (10), AC like Plate Armor, Damage d8, Save as 0 lvl Fighter, Morale 11

There are two guard captains. Other is responsible for defensive units (city walls and gates) and another for streets.

1HD (6), AC like Chain Armor, Damage d8, Save as 0 lvl Fighter, Morale 10

There are total of 50 other guards. 30 of them responsible for defense (city wall, gates and close surroundings) and the rest 20 are responsible for the streets.

1HD (4-5), AC like Leather Armor, Damage d6, Save as 0 lvl Fighter, Morale 8

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