Friday, March 2, 2012

Simple attack fumbe table for traditional games

Can an attack be fumbled (for example natural 1). If it can sometimes it is up to GM to decide what happens. This simple little tool helps it.

Roll d6 to see what fumble does:
1-2 - attack is missed and balance is lost. Loose next turn.
3 - attack is missed and character staggered. Loose next turn and AC like hit from behind (or similar).
4 - attacker looses grip and drops his weapon.
5 - attacker manages to wound himself. Roll damage and divide it by two. Round up.
6 - attacker manages to wound himself as above and looses balance like in 1-2 roll.

I will use this in my LotFP game. (natural 1 is fumble and natural 20 is roll damage dice twice).

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