Wednesday, September 8, 2010

DnD character Luv Mina - short motivational story

Okay, now we got clear image of what we will play with DnD. Perfect World (previous posts). I think we will make the adventure from the scrap. Won't detail world too much but will use the knowledge of mmorpg and colour the rest ourselves.

We had discussion just few minutes ago about this campaign and agreed about it. I was keen to start right away. It's a bit late, so not much time to play but just to... open the cork for this game.

I asked my player (Countess Samael) to write a small text about Luv Mina so we have some idea where she is coming and where she is going. She is a bit tired and wasn't that interested into doing it. So I asked her to put few sentences together so we can start.

And here is introduction to Luv. I suppose he will write her character more detailed later though.

(Originally this text was written in finnish, poor translation here is by me.)

I was born in poor family at Eremites Village. My elf father worked at the village as blacksmith and supported our family with his slight income. As the only child I was my parents wanted to give me the most experience rich childhood, so my mother went to Pengchang Inn to work as a sort of guide and I was with her.
Penchang Inn is a large fortified inn with services like stables, blacksmith and leatherworker of it's own with small fields inside it's walls what also leads travellers to humans main city, Sword City.

Pay wasn't that good, but I had a change to see all those different travellers from ordinary people to real warriors. Many shiny armors both from scales of dragon to ones made of leather. Most valiant of those warriors rode past the inn with their large horses and watching them ignited a spark inside me.

My parents couldn't offer me that all I would have wanted and even though my father was an elf, he was not that respected amongst his kind so he couldn't have better work at his home town.

When I grew older, I started to spend time more and more with my mother at Pengcheng Inn and it's surroundings and I learned I possess powers my parents dont. I could cast spells. My days went fast secretly practising and learning to control my skills.

Later I started to work and earn small income what I used to buy myself a spear, crossbow and other supplies. I had seen adventurers so often and wanted so much to be one of them. My parents didn't know about me leaving as I didn't tell it for them. I just left a note, where I told my lust to see the world. I guess I broke their hearts but I had to follow my heart.

So, one night I left with my equipment to see the world my first goal to reach Sumer Camp across the river. Maybe there I could find something for young sorceress.

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