Friday, September 10, 2010

How do I see halflings in D&D?

Image of halfling in Player's book isn't like Tolkien's hobbit. D&D halfling are small and thin, not small and clumsy looking. I know how kender are in Dragonlance, so I thought that my halflings would be like kender. They actually look alike. Halflings also got mildly pointed ears.

So, my halflings are not pipe smoking lazy mega-eaters, but sly and cunning, talkative and funloving adventurous persons. But hey, isn't that their description already?

I know that hobbit is different "race" than halfling are, but I have always imagined, that halfling are non-copyright-violating version of hobbits. Gotta have those small idiots around eh? Well, I see that halfling are less annoying and stupid than hobbits.

1 points for halflings, 0 points for hobbits. Kill hobbits with fire!

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