Sunday, September 5, 2010

New World of Darkness is not for me...

I cannot help it. I have tried. I have really tried to read a nWoD book and plan to run a game, but no. It is not interesting.

I tried to run W:tF and it was fun storytelling, but when game changed to technical where you actually needed Forsaken setting the campaign died. I had no interest to read the fluff. I could do Werewolf character, and that's it.
Now I have tried to read Vampire: the Requiem and got to page 20 or so when I started to read Clanbook Nosferatu for V:tM and A World of Darkness sourcebook and totally forgot whole Requiem. I have already read both AWoD and C:N, but I found that I'd rather start to read them all over again than read Requiem the first time.

I cannot say if nWoD is good or bad. It is just not interesting enough for me to study. But old World of Darkness. Wow, that really turns me on.

So I made a hard decision. I like to collect rpg's and I appreciate my nWoD collection. As a decoration. But they are useless for me and I hope there is someone who will appreciate them and use them. They are not for me and as pretty (and filling) as they are in my shelf I am selling or exchanging them away.

I want money for them, or I'd be glad to swap them to oWoD core books I don't already own or V:tM sourcebooks. I also concider some other core books from different game lines.

Unfortunately this advertisement is in finnish, but if you are finnish and interested in nWoD stuff (+ Werewolf: the Apocalypse 2nd edition) check out this:
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