Friday, September 3, 2010

She wants to do a mage

Okay, this is a part many of you would live better life without knowing, but when I go to bathroom I take random roleplaying game book from my shelf and read it. Now my bathroom reading is old (well, 1993) finnish roleplaying game called Elhendi. It's about elves. There is also possibility to play dwarf or a human, but main focus is on elves.

Game itself is... well, old. In 1993 finnish roleplaying games were quite oldfashioned compared to the fact there was already for example Vampire: the Masquerade. Elhendi uses tables for damage for example. A bit like rolemaster. Otherwise it is really rules lite. There is not much rich background for the game. Of course history, current world and such things are covered, but setting is quite hollow and main focus in adventures according to rulebook is go there and do that type of thing. Basic adventure without great focus. Of course good GM can run detailed and rich campaign in any game, but Elhendi itself is quite lame.

Anyways, as the book is now in bathroom, yesterday my girlfriend flipped it through and said that she would like to play elf and a mage. I was quite surprised as she isn't that average fantasy fan. She doesn't read fantasy books or isn't in general interested in fantasy (some computer games are exeption though).

I thought this over. In Elhendi what you can generialize as an elf roleplaying game and there is spells for characters to use, it's not what my girlfriend wants. She said, that she wants to play mage like LuvMina. LuvMina is her character in mmoprg called Perfect World. A mage chick.

So I thought about options I got and got into a conclusion that Dungeons & Dragons 3 could best suit her wish. It has really, really big spell list and you can easily make a character what is both elf and a mage (or wizard).

We have talked about trying out D&D for some time, just for fun. To try it out. D&D is a abutment of roleplaying games yet I haven't tried 3rd edition yet.

So this could be a perfect change to give D&D 3 a shot. Now I only have to print a character sheet so we can atleast make her elven mage. Not sure will we play, but character creation can be also good entertainment and it is well spent time together anyways.

So, Dungeons & Dragons, prepare. One elf mage coming up!

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