Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yey we did D&D character!

Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition

Today we did it. Our first D&D character. Well, my girlfriend did it herself as I will be a game ma... *krhm* DUNGEON Master.

She wanted a spell caster of some sort and checking out the possibilities we decided to make her character to be sorcerer. Race is half-elf for elven are too... pointy eared and human too dull.

It was kinda strange and fun to roll your character. Last x games have been point buy systems, so rolling a character was a fresh wind for us.

But one thing I have to say, that even though character creation took only 2 hours or so total including selecting spells, it was a great struggle! Calculating modifiers, referring to tables and figuring out the meaning for all of them wasn't that easy as I would have excepted. It was actually in times quite confusing for us.

But we made a character. I am not sure is it done right 100% but atleast we got something to play with now. I did ask questions via msn from my D&D guru friend (thanks Pauli for clarifying those foggy areas) so I guess we did pretty good after all.

We also had our first test-run fight. Sorcerer character versus skeleton (found in Player's Hanbook) and after major headache figuring out how ranged touch works our heroine killed that skeletor with her spear with one blow!

Next time we take the character sheet out, we gotta summon her familiar. Oh noes, first adventuring, as familiar costs 100 g and she only has 6 to start with.
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