Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fooling around with DnD + MGME

I took my DnD 3. Player's Handbook in purpose to make character for a fun. I didn't have printed character sheets so I decided to make character sheet for Excel. My girlfriend came to watch what I am doing and she got bored quite soon and asked me to show how that Mythic Game Master Emulator works. So I saved the file I was working on and opened GM emulator tool.

I tried to explain her showing both GME tool and MGME core book, but she did not quite understand how it works (I am bad at explaining stuff, 1pt flaw) so I told her let's try it out. As I was making DnD character sheet, I declared my character to be dwarf warrior. I told options for characters and suggested elf druid for my gf and she accepted it.

With GM emulator tool I rolled "details" to get inspiration for openin scene. Result was: Progress on 'Celebrating Past Victories': the Revelation of Nature. We decided, that it was some druidic holiday our elf druid was celebrating and dwarf was only companying her drinking ale at distance.
Are we only one there? "YES". So it's just dwarf and druid. Druid doing her celebration alone.
Are we in wilderness? "YES". Forest it is. We made a joke that druid girl had made a birch whisk used in sauna and is dancing around a birch tree.
Is there disturbance? "NO". Druid can do her stuff without disturbance, and when she is ready, dwarf warrior announces that he is out of ale and would appreciate a good pint. Druid nods her head and they head towards the town.
Is town close? "YES".
Disturbance?" EXCEPTIONAL NO" So, the town is close and absolutely nothing is happening on their way there. In town dwarf and elf decide to find a tavern and decide to try their luck in one of them.
Is there people in tavern? "EXCEPTIONAL NO" The tavern is absolutely deserted. No one is there so they decide to find another tavern.
Is next tavern empty? "NO" Situation there is a bit better. It is not full, but there are some people. They decide to sit there, and dwarf wants to take a table from the corner. Druid doesn't quite understand that, but dwarf explains how a good warrior never sits back not on the wall. That's for not being ambushed. Dwarf decides to take large jug of beer and asks druid what she wants. Druid has a bit strange taste and she wants mead. Dwarf pays them both.
Sipping our drinks we decided to ask GM details, and got answer An Insufficient Amount of Innovation, Dwarf Fighter. After short negotiation we decided that a fight broke out at tavern and someone involved in fight accidentally pushed dwarf warrior so he spilled his beer on his beard. As dwarven are short tempered we decided it's 50/50 change for dwarf to loose it and join the fight. Die tells the truth, and dwarf attacks. There was 2D3 person involved in a fight.
Are they fighting 'till the end? "NO". As it was not exceptional no, we decided that they take few good punch before stopping or fleeing, but aren't willing to get hurt.

This is where we did quit. We had no character sheets and I am not sure how rules work. This is second test with MGME and I think it is pretty fun tool to use. You have to use somewhat your own imagination as need a bit creativity, but it is fun to use.

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