Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Timetravelling squirrels with gadgets

In one forum there is a competition where you must write a game or an adventure. The topic for the competition is time and requirement is animal. At first I had hard time inventing something for the requirements, but then the idea hit me!

The forest is destroyed by human and animals living there are left homeless. Wise owl who escaped from human research institute came back wiser than ever. Wise owl developed time machine to travel in past to make a change. A company of couragous squirrels took the quest with aid of owl's gadgets.

So, the squirrels are in an adventure to prevent humans for destroying the forest.

This will be mini-game slash scenario for younger players. Mechanics will be easy using regular playing cards.

I haven't yet written a single word for his, but will take the challenge quite soon. This will be a blast.

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