Tuesday, August 31, 2010

[FS] Pregnant in space - could happen to anyone

When Chiasm met Sarwen and was introduced for the crew of old Vorox spaceship called "Dragon", she little knew how her life would change.

Everyone suspected, that Chiasm and outgoing, extrovert, helpful and charming Sarwen would end to be together, but Chiasm only felt Sarwen as a friend. No romantic feelings, but a good friend indeed.

But that mysterious, silent and introvert Ur-Ukar called Arpi (Scar in engl.) was something that catched her eye.

Space can be a lonely place. Even though you have your crew and friends, but lonely in a warm intimate way. Many do find comfort from courtisans in different spaceports or might ever get their one nights warmth after few drinks after bar at the motel. But that is just a moment, and after it loneliness is back.

Rarely crew members have intimidate relationships. They are co-workers, friends. And romance turned bad could ruin the mood in the spaceship. No one knows what happens inside cabins after a shift. But if something happens, it is kept as a secret. A moment of warmth with a person you know and after the comfort feelings pushed away to continue the work.

But sometimes someone catches your heart. You know it is wrong or hard. It wouldn't work. It would be too complicated. But if you cannot stop thinking another?

That's what happened between Chiasm and Arpi. A moment of lust. A moment of comfort and warmth. But that did not end there. Chiasm ended to be pregnant after that one night.

She did struggle long with her feelings to keep or not to keep the child. Half-breed to be. Mother human and father Ur-Ukar. She did ask Feala, the Ur-Obun priestess and healer for her opinion and seeked insight in her words. Priestess was strict that abortion would be murder but when Chiasm started to concider doing it in some clinic as just another anonymous customer, Feala had no option but to give child atleast proper end.

But Chiamsh hesitated. He and the father of child had a conversation. Ups and downs of having a baby. Raising it in as unstable enviroment as spaceship would be. And how would others in crew react. Arpi was against the abortion but was ready to bow in the will of mother.

They decided to talk to the crew, tell what's happened and they got acceptance. Even though they feared repressiveness crew was either supportive or accepting. Or  both. Decision was easy to make.

Chiasm will carry her unborn child to the birth, and crew of Dragon will have new crew member in nine months.

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