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D - Dungeon really secret door - Table

In every dungeon there might be this really, really secret door. This secret door is so secret it isn't marked in Dungeon Master's map or dungeons layout. In every dungeon, or dungeon floor in bigger dungeons, there is 5% change (1 of 1d20) that there is really secret door in. If really secret door is in the dungeon, randomly determinate where it is located (for example drop d4 on dungeon map to see it's location.

Really secret door should be additional puzzle. It can be found as searching for secret doors but it's opening mechanism should be more complicated and need serious effort. Really secret dungeon secret door might also be triggered with a trap.

Behind the secret door is one room with... See the tables below!

To be used with Lamentations of the Flame Princess, other retro-clones or any fantasy roleplaying game of your choice.

Is It Trapped?
50% change it is trapped. Roll d10 and see the table below to determine what kind of trap is in question.
1 - Burst of magical missiles in radius of whole room. 3d6 damage, but if roll vs. magic is success 1d6 damage.
2 - Trap door on the floor. Floor collapses and reveals a pit with sharp spikes. Dexterity (or similar) save needed or falling down suffering 20ft. fall damage (from rules you use) and 2d8 damage from the spikes.
3 - Poisonous gas. Save versus poison. If successful suffer 2d4 damage. If failed suffer 2d6 damage for 2d4 turns.
4 - Flashbang. Extremely bright light flashes. Save versus paralyze or -5 to all rolls for 3d6 rounds.
5 - Inferno. Flames burst to the room affecting everyone. Successful save vs. Breath weapon 2d6 damage or if failed 4d6 damage. Change to catch a fire (see rules).
6 - Descending roof. Roof starts to move towards the floor in crushing power. 2d6 rounds to prevent it or escape. If escaped through secret door trapped.
7 - Teleporter. Save vs. magic or be teleported to random location in the dungeon (DM can drop d4 on the map to determine where.
8 - Aging mist. Save vs. magic or age 3d10 years. See if aging affects your character's abilities.
9 - Alarm for the walking dead. 4d4 zombies (HD3) wobble to location in 1d6 rounds.
10 - Mist of rust. All metal items are immediately rusted into a pile of powder.

Inside The Secret Room
Roll d20 to determine what is in the secret room.
1 - Powerful lich. This room is a secret tomb of evil lich wizard. Lich wizard is undead HD8 creature using 8th level Magic-User abilities and statistics. Lich has 500gp worth of treasures and equipment.
2 - Crown of the forsaken. Crown is black metal with deep purple big stone. If weared the subject is forsaken and next 1000 xp rewards are not gained. In addition he looses 10 points of charisma for 2d4 months. Worth 400gp.
3 - Rare wines. The wines have great reputation being rare and are really wanted. There are total of 100 bottles. Problem is that these wines are hard to transport (70% risk of one bottle breaking in rough situation). One bottle equals one slot of carry capability. Worth 150gp per bottle.
4 - Gold gold gold. Gold pieces size of one gold coin each. Total worth 1000gp. 10% change per 100gp that one is cursed. Cursed gold coin makes everything worthless what character is currently carrying and will carry before everything he owns is destroyed or got rid of.
5 - Diamond of blood. This diamond is size of a palm and valuable but it leaks unlimited amount of blood. For every 8 hours one encumbrance point of blood is absorbed and/or dried to equipment. Worth 400gp.
6 - Fool's gold. Gilded treasure statue worth of 1000 and weighting as huge item. Drawback is that it is totally worthless.
7 - Ring of luring the dead. Who carries the ring is attacked by undead in the range of vision. Worth 200gp.
8 - Crystal ball of wisdom. Crystal ball answers one question per 24 hours. Save versus magic or the price is loosing 1 points of wisdom. Worth: 500gp.
9 - Manykey. This key opens every lock. It activates when finger is insterted into a slot. Save vs. magical device or lock doesn't open and user looses finger he is using to activate manykey. Worth: 600gp.
10 - Spell scrolls. Roll 1d6 to determine how many. Then roll 1d10 (roll 10 again) to determine each scrolls spell level (1-9). Then roll from that spell level what spell is in question. Worth: Varies.
11 - Journal of a grave robber. Some details of secret doors and traps to current or other dungeon. Worth: 200gp.
12 - Mirror to other worlds. Mirror doesn't show reflection but other world. This other world can be entered through the mirror and could be a seed for another adventure. It is up to DM if there is similar mirror in the other side or if it is one-way only. Too heavy to transport without extra effort and wits. Worth: 1500gp.
13 - Set of lucky dice. Set of dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20). Player can use one corresponding die to re-roll. After that die turns into dust and player looses 100 exp. Worth: 100gp.
14 - Armor of the king. Set of plate armor, plate barding shield, and sword (medium weapon). Work as normal but are extremely expensive. Worth: 100x normal.
15 - Sword of blood. This medium weapon deals 2d8 damage when hit to opponent and 1d8 damage to wielder. Worth: 250gp.
16 - Lost child. Lost child is trapped in the secret room. He cannot speak but a family pendant gives hints of his parents. Child's parents are wealthy and are willing to pay for bringing him back to home. Worth: Alive 700gp, dead 100gp.
17 - Dogs of war. These mercenary retainers (1d4) were trapped and are willing to help characters the rest of the mission and next mission (quest, adventure, dungeon). Morality 8.
18 - Beast. This deformed and horrible beast attacks when the door is opened. HD is 2 bigger than highest character's level. It's 10 talons are valuable. Worth: 30gp per talon.
19 - Trigger. The secret room is empty except one lever what triggers something (DM determines) in the dungeon.
20 - Roll again two times.

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