Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A-Z C for Cromwell by Reverend Bizarre

James Raggi IV has mentioned bands he likes here and there (one example is my interview HERE) and I have seen him wearing Reverend Bizarre t-shirt in pictures. I knew the band by name before but my only touch was a low quality live video in Youtube. Second time after my interview I checked Reverend Bizarre (and other bands mentioned) and the song I randomly chose was Cromwell. It was awesome.

After that Cromwell has been in my Lamentations Of The Flame Princess playlist and it is first song for my unofficial LotFP inspiration music.

Passing through the seven gates I ride 
Dusty road behind forever 
You have got no hope, no place to hide 
Ironsides will rise with Oliver Cromwell 

Once upon a time there ruled a King 
Now I see his proud head fallen 
Lord Protector knows true faith will win 
You should kneel to wait another morning 

Love will be my Law, Love under Will 
But first there is the Law of Cromwell 
Soon there will be graveyard on this hill 
Filled with those of you who are still standing 

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