Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A-Z C for Cutpurse results table

When pickpocketing without an expectation what to find (key from a guard, particular ring from an yarl) roll this table for random pickpocketing results for cutpurses. To use with LotFP or any fantasy game of your choice.

There's 60% change that it's goldpieces worth of 4d6 and 40% change something from table 1.

Table 1. What's In There 1d20
1. Goldpieces (roll table 2 to see how much).
2. Dried fruits worth of one day ratio, unencumbering.
3. Thief alarm. Similar device to mousetrap hits fingers. Roll save versus yelling out loud!
4. Diamond (roll table 3 for value).
5. Nap and other discustingess.
6. -20% discount ticket to local magic scrolls store.
7. Bounty for character (roll table 2 and multiply result by 10 for prize).
8. Extra small magic scroll for M-U (roll randomly to determine what level spell and which spell of that level).
9. Small vials containing blood.
10. Tiny family portrait.
11. Ticket for high-end theater show tonight.
12. Tightly folded treasure map.
13. Numbers for safe. But the location of safe remains unknown.
14. Small ordinary stones.
15. Goldpieces (roll table 2 to see how much) but chained. Struggle ahead!
16. Tiny shrinked voodoo head.
17. Make-ups worth 2d6 goldpieces.
18. Strange little mechanical device what buzzes occasionally.
19. Ends of eaten carrots.
20. Purse is cursed! (Roll table 4 to see what kind of curse).

Table 2. How Much Goldpieces 1d6
1. Only few 3d4
2. Little 4d6
3. Not that bad 4d8
4. Nice 4d10
5. Rich 5d12
6. Jackpot 10d20

Table 3. Diamond Value 1d4
1. d4x100
2. d6x200
3. d8x300
4. d10x500

Table 4. Curse! 1d20
1. Blinded for 2d6 rounds.
2. Hair falls off and doesn't grow back next 2d6 weeks.
3. Horrible skin disease. Charisma -5 for 2d6 days.
4. Bad luck! -5 for every d20 rolls next 1d6 days.
5. Can only communicate yelling (no whispering) for 1d6 days.
6. Paralyzed for 3d6 turns.
7. Teleported to random location in 3d10x100 miles radius.
8. Annoying poltergeist follows for 1d6 days.
9. Hearing annoying voices in head for 2d6 days.
10. Can only walk backwards for 1d6 days.
11. Selling items prices are 10 times lower. Bying items are 10 times higher for 3d6 days.
12. All thievery (backstabbing, lockpicking, pickpocketing) 100% harder for 1d6 days.
13. Deaf for 1d6 days.
14. Fever 1d6 days. -5 to all body based rolls.
15. Weakening. Loose 1HP every hour for 2d6 hours.
16. Illusion of demonic features hard to hide for 1d6 months.
17. Speak turns into unknown language for 1d6 days.
18. Character does the opposite player says for 2d6 hours.
19. Rash. Character cannot wear clothing or armor for 2d6 hours.
20. Several case of anemia. Only maximum of 1HP for 1d6 days.

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