Friday, November 16, 2012

[LotFP] Taking the quest from Joop van Ooms

Continuing this:

Liv and Christian B. Yale agreed to take the quest. They must retrieve a manuscript that has some information about "The Book" (reference to The God That Crawls adventure). They both will get 500SP and all the expenses are paid. They also get an extra retainer (Roger the retainer) to handle these expenses.

But before Liv and Christian leave Joop van Ooms wants to paint a portrait of them. The portrait is life like but the background is strange. There is a portal where the characters are smaller and behind the characters is yet another portal where characters are even smaller and so on. Christian as a Cleric is really uncomfortable with this "demonic painting".

Liv asks about the painting but Ooms only answers that they will find out later or sooner but he hopes that they will not find out...

The travel begins from Amsterdam to Norway. It's chilly there so first purchase is winter clothing. From  Norway harbor town they take a cart and start their travel to mountains where they are supposed to go.

At the mountains there's a small village and they ask about this graveyard but the villager is unfriendly. He seems to be really superstitious and the graveyard area in question seems to be something the villager doesn't want to talk about at all. No worries, the party can find their way there. So they leave the village and head to one particular mountain.

At the mountain the cart driver doesn't feel comfortable anymore and he leaves the party and two retainers there. The party starts to climb the mountain...

SPOILER ALERT! Now I start writing about Death Frost Doom adventure. So if you are a player and will play DFD at some point in your life stop reading now! Your Referee will hate you if you read beyond this point!

When the treeline ends there's a cottage. It looks horrible. There are animal carcasses, furs and blood around it. Even some dead smaller animals are hanging from the tree branches. Liv hollers but no one seems to be around.

While Liv peeks inside the cottage Christian takes guard. Cottage is untidy and no one seems to be home...

Next time they meet Zeke!

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