Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[LotFP] To make ability modifiers affect skills

I like LotFP's simplicity but there's one thing I am not so sure about. Character abilities don't affect skill success propablities. No matter how dextrous you are you are as good in Sleigh of hand that the next guy.

This is a small modification if you want abilities to affect skills.

You can re-roll skill roll as many times as you have ability modifiers for a related ability but the minimum of skill rolls is always one.

For example if your character uses Sleigh of hand and your DEX modifier is +2 you get to roll the skill roll twice and pick the better result. If DEX modifier was -1 to -3 you only roll once.


Sami Koponen said...

That's actually pretty neat house rule! I like how you re-use already existing scores and not come up with new ones. Ability scores rarely give more than +2 bonus (so three rolls altogether, right?), which doesn't yet mess with the mechanical balance.

Unknown said...

Yep that's right. Ability modifier gives bonus rolls. +2 ability modifier is already a big one. Most of the characters are average with 0 or usually modifier is +1.

If that's too much just give character as many rolls as his ability modifier is but minimum 0. So -3, -2, -1, 0 and +1 would all be one roll, +2 would be one re-roll and +3 two re-rolls. What ever suits you.

I think that because +1 is above average person he could have above average change also in skills of the same levels.