Saturday, November 17, 2012

[Mutant Future] Thaumielsamael NPC

Thaumielsamael looks a little like ettin, but
less ogre-ish and more human.
Thaumielsamael is a mutant but even for a mutant he is a strange person. Actually Thaumielsamael are two persons in same body with two heads. They are former married couple what have merged together. Naturally this is not always easy and it is not rare to hear Thaumielsamael arguing with itself.

Thaumielsamael lives in the old farmhouse with their also mutated dog and perfectly normal horse and pony.

STR: 15 (To hit, damage, open doors: +1)
DEX: 13 (AC -1, Missile attack, initiative +1)
CON: 12
INT: 14 (Technology roll modifier +5%)
WIL: 15
CHA: 9 (Retainers 4, Retainer morale 7)


Aberrant form (Large arms, damage +1)
Mind thrust (3d6 dmg, 50ft, once every two rounds)
Force screen, greater (5d6 damage resistance, once per day)
Vampiric field (45ft radius, 2d4 hp per round in the radius, reserved extra HP)
Damage turning (3d6 damage relflect, +1d6 every turn)

Axe 1d8+2
Shotgun 3d6/1d6

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