Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Started Mass Effect the second time and wrote scifi rpg in my sleep

Picture from Bioware website
Yesterday I started playing Mass Effect with PC again. I had started it earlier but didn't like PC gaming. Now I got gaming room with a nice armchair to sit when using PC so PC gaming is much more enjoyable.

Don't know yet how good Mass Effect plot is but I like the system how it works.

After playing Mass Effect I moved into bed and watched some movie before fell asleep. And in my dream I wrote scifi rpg! Here are some ideas I got from my dream:

- Game is based on LotFP rules (races as class, ascending AC, encumbrance system etc. etc.)
- It had a silly name: Oddities of the Darkest Space - Weird science fiction
- There are power shields what protect any damage in shields range. So if shield's range is 2-5 all damage results between 2-5 are nullified. Shields have charges how many times they can nullify damage before recharging it (Fading Suns style)
- To hit and Damage is D20 + AB + weapon damage solid + d against armor class. The amount of damage is the difference of AC and To hit roll (I think base AC should be higher than 12... maybe 15 or something).
- Weapon clip is empty when you roll weapon damage d equal to "empty" score. For example if weapon's damage die is d6 and "empty" is 1-2 you roll that damage result you need to reload
- Magic is replaced with psi-powers modified magic rules

Those above are the rules I was writing in my dream. It's a mix of LotFP, Fading Suns and Dungeonslayers I see.


Omer Golan-Joel said...

Mass Effect is my favourite computer game series so far. If you like ME1, you'd also love ME2 and ME3! GREAT games! I'm now in the beginning of ME3 for the second time (after completing ME1 and ME2 twice) and I'm enjoying the hell out of it. Oh, and did you know that you can import your ME1 save into ME2 and then into ME3? Your choices in each game affect the way the next game plays!

Unknown said...

I did know I can import character but I did not know that there are some choices what affect next game plays. That sounds neat if it's well done. But if one doesn't play ME multiple times does he know what parts would be different then?

Omer Golan-Joel said...

You will see specific characters and outcomes from ME1 in ME2 and ME3. It's REALLY cool - the games tie-in to each other VERY well. And ME2 and ME3 are GREAT games!