Monday, February 27, 2012

Combat survival guide for Savage Worlds

Reading (Finnish roleplaying games forum) I found from one topic this:

Cool Combat Survival Guide for Savage Worlds. It gives you problems and how to solve them. For example hitting your opponent it gives several different options to make things easier from Agility Trick to Taunt etc. This is good for players who usually play rpg combats by just "hitting, hitting, hitting" giving them other options to perform.

Really handy little tool. And don't forget to download Savege World Test Drive V6 rules here: It is free introduction rules set for Savage Worlds.
I don't own Savage Worlds yet and haven't played it yet but I am really interested in it. Only hesitation is that I don't need generic setting and I am not sure if I am "pulp" player. Basically I need a setting or style I need Savage Worlds for. Options I am really interested in are:
- Solomon Kane. I have just seen the movie but loved it.
- Cyberpunk. I think SW could be really good for CP.
- Deadlands. I've missed the old game throughoutly so I was thinking maybe SW would give me access to it.
- Some neat free stuff.

Hm. I have to check out the options for Savage Worlds + Cyberpunk + Deadlands combo and maybe (ask permission from my girlfriend to) buy it.


Shaper and Maker said...

Good to hear there's other Savage Worlders in Finland! I've run a Savage Cyber(Cthulhu)punk game although my players seem to like fantasy more so I'm not really sure if I'll ever finish the campaign. I think the system worked well, the biggest problem perhaps being that everyone has been played pretty much just D&D - I'm actually about to write an article about changing one's mindset for my players as I'm about to start a Beasts & Barbarians game.

If you want a really minimalistic approach to cyberpunk, check out

I also have Solomon Kane which is really good book, although I'm afraid I won't ever get to play it.

Unknown said...

I do only have Test Drive rules and haven't played it. I also do have Cyberpunk V.3 what isn't what I am looking for a cyberpunk game so I figured out when reading more about SW that it could be cool for adventurous cyberpunk gaming.

Thanks for the link! I'll most definately check it out.

Is there more to Solomon Kane than just a campaign? Can it also be used as setting for your own adventures easily? Only reason I haven't bought it is that it was really expensive.

Shaper and Maker said...

Kane is a big book, I've got only pdf I got from sale (bought it because of it's magic system - it has an alternative for power points that some at felt troublesome) and haven't read it through completely; IIRC from 1/3 to half of it is plot point campaign, consisting of separate adventures, parts of which can be used for your own adventures if you want. There's also a lot of era/location/setting info among the plot points.

You should also note that SK is a complete game book, meaning it includes the game rules. They are modified for just SK games though, so some edges and other features you find from core rules are missing. It's also based on older rules, not latest Deluxe, but the older rules work well too. There are some cool edges you can't find in the core books, my favourite being knife fighter edges, which give you benefits for being inside defenses while fighting against opponents with larger weapons.

Unknown said...

Sounds really interesting that Kane. I must seriously consider buying it. Oh, and downloaded your cyberpunk rules for SW. They sure are quick! Looks like Test Drive rules + it would be light cp rules. Gotta try it out sometime.