Friday, February 17, 2012

Printed Dungeonslayers 3.X thanks to

Before I close my eyes in bed I have a habit to read forums with my mobile phone. Lights are already out so cannot read a book anymore. So reading with my phone is the finishing touch before Sandman pays me a visit.

Anyways reading it I opened this topic: [Dungeonslayers 4e] Wow. I got really curious about this Dungeonslayers game and decided to check out their homepage (Dungeonslayers homepage here, go check it out). With my mobile it wasn't that enjoyable to read but I found out that the previous version 3.X is free PDF.

So today at work before starting things up I went back to Dungeonslayers homepage and printed 3.X rules! I will also print those adventures and other material provided.

Thanks to topic about this game I got really interested in it and at least one person who had never heard of it before (this is me) got into it, downloaded it. And after reading it might even suggest people to check it out themselves (aren't I already doing it?).

So basically I now have new game in my collection. Reading the forum I found out that it is really easy to learn (someone said 20 minutes) and it is really fast to play one-shots with. So maybe if the premise is right I can with minimum effort try it out. Core rules are not that big. 20 pages with tables for equipment etc. and a starting adventure.

So, without even reading it yet I encourage you to check out!

I also found a review here: and

(I labeled this OSR and I hope no grognard comes and murders me for it).

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