Monday, February 27, 2012

[D20/D&D/OSR] 20 Quick questions for rules AND sharing posts

First post about this topic was here:

From that link I got here: 20 questions about rules you are going to use in your D20/D&D/OSR/anygame session, adventure or campaign. Those questions seem to be focused on D&D styled games but you can use it with other games also. This list of questions will be especially useful in games which are really popular and which are known to be houseruled a lot. Or games which have already different rules in main rulebooks (some editions of D&D give different means to determine character attributes for example).

Really handy small tool to avoid confusion and rules arguments pre-game.

Sharing Is Caring

I was reading blogs linked in RPG Bloggers when found this post from Hack & Slash Master:

"Sharing a good post doesn't reduce your blog traffic, it increases awareness and readership. It might even inspire someone to start their own blog. Also, you can't keep a good idea down"

Quote from his post:

I have from time to time shared posts from other sites if I find them interesting or something I really like people to find. If I can share it to show someone else's great post its good so cool ideas and writings spread wider.

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