Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dungeonslayers almost rewritten for Saints Row 2

I actually started writing this. Dungeonslayers is rewritten. Only need antagonists, equipment and modified spells. Also rules for vehicles. I got rid of fantasy magic system and replaced it with influence. Influence is basically buffing. Gang lieutenants can buff others for bonuses.
For now I don't have a clue how I will write this reputation. I have an idea how it is rised and lowered by actions and equipment but don't know yet what is the effect of reputation. What could be the benefices of higher reputation? Here are some things I have thought:

- maximum number of homies following. There's a talent which can be bought three separate times for three homies to follow you. But each additional homie needs certain amount of rep.
- higher reputation might give experience bonus.
- reputation might also affect money flow. More reputation you have more money you gain.
- with high reputation character could indimitate opponents so low thugs and goons flee rather than fight so player can focus on big guys instead of little ones. But if you use reputation to not to fight it is lost. Your reputation makes enemies flee but it's kinda uncool in the other hand.

How reputation is gained:
- doing missions for gang player gets both experience and reputation
- from cool outfits and general style and possessions (awesome crib)
- outstanding other gangs

How reputation is lost:
- wearing heavy armor is not cool. Armor's AV is negative for reputation
- actions affect negatively own gang
- missions are failed

Reputation can also be roleplayed. You play cool you gain it. You play wussy you loose it.

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