Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[LotFP] My world of weird fanasy

I will use pseudo-history for my LotFP game. It takes some parts of real history but I will mix dates as I feel fit. So I wont be historically accurate but create my own fantasy world based in Europe. Setting year would be 1600 something but I will take inspiration also from earlier times.

Generally Europe is human populated. Elven are from northern Europe and focused in Finland (Kalevala). Elven have lost their ancient glory though. Dwarven are located to Russia and focused in mountains of Ural. Far  East is human populated and Asia is generally unknown for average people (take Marco Polo's discovery in here). Generally Asia is not included in my game but it is land of mystery and magic. And weird.

Africa is continent of weird. Deserts to jungles it is dangerous but full of adventures. There are strange demi-human-monster tribes and old gods. And monsters humanity hasn't seen before. Ancient ruins are good locations for treasure hunting and there are great mysteries (Egyptian pyramids for example).

I will use my game setting as a sandbox. Well, I can write places and quests and so on but generally I keep the map clean and add items there as the game goes on. Basically I fill my setting with details during the play. Maps are inaccurate in that time period so it is easy setting wise to add details when those are discovered.

In my last post I got some maps for this setting:

Resources I will use in addition to Lamentations of the Flame Princess are Vornheim Kit (I include city of Vornheim somewhere) and Ravenloft campaign setting (White Wolf edition) to eastern Europe.

What do you think?

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