Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween = Call of Cthulhu x2

Here in Finland Halloween is not an official holiday, but it is growing as a phenomenom. There are lots of Halloween themed items in shops and I think that younger generation really enjoys it.

Halloween is this Sunday, but meh, me and my girlfriend will have a Halloween Weekend! So, starting today, continuing tomorrow and recovering on Sunday. We are cooking some Halloween themed snacks like fingers in blood (wieners with garlic slices as nails in a bowl of ketchup), monster faces (small pizzas with stuffings arranged as monsters faces), spider pies (not idea what this would be, I trust on my gf on this) and so on.

But the main fun in Halloween (with boozing) is roleplaying. I decided to run one-shot adventure with horror theme, but had two ideas so I try to go with two. I decided to use Call of Cthulhu with both my games. Actually other set in modern days doesn't necessarily need rules at all, but I decided that it might be easier to make a character with a character sheet.

So, here are my adventures:

Hollow Life

Character is an everyday person. Working in post office. He has normal life. But one day she starts to see people, who doesn't see her and who no one else seems to see either. Outside a store lady dressed in victorian dress walks by. At the old trainstation but today buss station she sees man in old conducteur's uniform.
Then, these people she but no one else saw start to see her and seem to be as surprised or confused as character is seeing them.
After awhile when character sees more these ghost people, normal people start to unsee character...
Basically the idea is, that character has died but she doesn't know it yet. She is slowly slipping to the realms of the dead, thus seeing dead people ending to the point that she is not in the realms of living anymore but faded through the border of living and dead.
In this adventure despite of character's actions it is an oneway spiral to death. Well, character has already died and when she slips more and more through the border of living and death maybe she will recall an accident or something. Point is, how will character handle the situation when she realises that she has died. And what is after death? Will she remain a ghost or accept her death and walk to the light for eternal peace?

Bad Moon Closing

Set in 1920's character is involved in astronomy (not sure yet how). One bright winter night she discovers a new distant planet. What is every night a bit closer and closer. One night she can clearly see the planet blinking a big eye. What is this planet, why is it closing up and what will be the consequences of it?

[A] nineteenth century British cult believed in [a] comet-god who sang to the stars and planets as it passed by them in its orbit. They said it destroyed those worlds it passed, by waking up demons or ancient gods ... who slept on each world.
—Kevin A. Ross, "The Music of the Spheres"
Picture from:
Ghroth (the Harbinger) resembles a small, rust-colored planet or moon with a single, gigantic red eye which it can close to avoid detection. Ghroth drifts throughout the universe singing its siren song, the Music of the Spheres. As it swings by a planet, any Great Old One or Outer God sleeping there is awakened by the song. This usually results in the extinction of all life on the planet or perhaps even the utter destruction of the planet itself.[2]
Ghroth is believed to be responsible for the periodic mass extinctions that wiped out 90% of all life on earth, including the extinction of the dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous era. It may also have caused the destruction of the planet Shaggai, the homeworld of the intelligent, insect-like Shan.[3] For this reason, Ghroth is also known as Nemesis, or the Death Star, named after the Nemesis Hypothesis, first proposed by American astronomers David Raup and Jack Sepkoski.

Text from here:

Can character do anything to stop this horror from singing it's song of destruction to planet death? Does American goverment know about this and hide their knowledge? Can character find information about Ghroth? What about other astronomists? Is earth doomed?

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