Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween challenge from you to me!

Post in comments before 30th day of this month. (I live in +2 Time zone, if it matters). From those posts I will make a post including your idea done.

So, what I am asking, give me in comments:

  • Name (for example Crow the Nightwalker, Nightpeaks). Something horror and/or Halloween related.
  • What you want it to be (for example place, NPC, monster, item). Something you want your given name to be.
  • Optional: Genre. If you want your name and concept to be for certain genre, name it. Unfortunately I cannot do everything for particular system, as I don't obviously necessarily own every system you would like the "thing" to be in. So just genre. I include it to some system I choose, or leave it system-free.
I will make a topic about all ideas you dear readers have posted in comments to this post. (I hope there are more than one. Or EVEN one). I will mostly do this for my own fun.
This can be great inspiration for me and I am looking for what you guys come up with and what I will come up with those ideas.

AND if you are interested in similar challenge, I give some ideas to YOU! You can post in comments link to your site showing what you have created. So, here is:

  • The One Eyed Horror - Item
  • Ragged Stranger - NPC
  • Foul Maggot - Monster
  • White Blood - Place
I left genres/settings to be decided by YOU. Have fun, and give some fun for me!

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