Tuesday, October 19, 2010

YDIN - What is it and why am I doing it?

YDIN is generic roleplaying system I am creating. There are several different systems I enjoy playing, but in addition of just playing I like to create roleplaying related stuff. It might be a new character class, campaign setting or some house rules.

Reason why I started to create YDIN is quite simple. Let's take an example. There is some fantasy-based idea I want to write. But there are too many fantasy settings and rules to choose from, so why won't I execute that idea with my very own rules set then?

Main reason is that when I have one rules set to tweak around and write additional material, it's easier to just focus on writing, not deciding what system I should write it to.

Another reason is simple. It's my own system I created and what I know like my own pockets, so it will be so much easier to write stuff for it rather than another system I am not that familiar with. I might know the rules allright, and how the mechanics work but still there might be some balancing issues with power levels etc. Or there might be idea I'd like to use, but am not familiar enough with particular setting or rules to make it work smooth. With my own system I can create basically anything without trouble on making them work with that particular system.

Third reason is that I like to create. Almost from the beginning when I started to roleplay I made my own house rules, additional rules, added content to games etc. And I have to say that some of them I haven't used again, as they have been system specific.

Of course I could convert my material from game X to game Y and then maybe to game Z later on (depending what system I am using) but it's too much trouble and from original work something can be lost from the "translation" (from system to system).
You might think, that using my own system needs aswell translation and converting to other systems, but if you got this basic system to twist around, it is easier to convert things from one to others.

First when I started to write YDIN I just wanted a system what I like to develope. Something I have created from the scratch*.

Though some people I have introduced YDIN have told that it reminds them of Savage Worlds or Burning Wheels or whatever. I cannot deny that parts of my system might be similar to others as it is hard to be original nowadays. Still, when I heard referance to Savage Worlds I hadn't played nor read the product, so it was a coincidence. I have also been asked why would I write something and not use something what is already there (ie. Savage Worlds) but the point is, that I want to create myself. It might be easier to write content to already excisting game, but there would be few troubles with it:
  1. What game system would I choose, as there are several I like and all different?
  2. What about legal issues? In some cases games don't like fan-made products, some want their tags on if it's distributed via PDF etc.?
  3. Someone might claim, that using my own system as basis for stuff is not good choice because many won't use my system. But same thing goes with other systems also. If I write stuff using Savage Worlds or WoD there will be people who don't use those systems. And if I use house rules, there is even more trouble to write stuff what other people will use.
Basically YDIN is game mechanics I love to develope and it is mechanics I can easily create content to. I also want to make easy convertion rules from YDIN to other systems, so you can use all YDIN material with different games. This will be a bit troublesome though, as I obviously don't know every single setting out there. And those I play or have played, I might have house ruled heavily. For example D&D 3 what I am currently playing, I play wrong. I have stripped it to the bones, and use only basics ignoring everything that takes more than 30 seconds to figure out.

I will start to post YDIN related stuff under the label YDIN. You can find everything there. I also add new page YDIN here, so you can find all YDIN-related posts easily.

I hope, that someone will find YDIN as fun to shuffle through as I find it fun to write up.

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