Tuesday, October 19, 2010

YDIN - Basic character creation

Basic character creation is used most oftenly. It might vary in different power levels or races of a character (from elf to android). But these are a rule of thumb:

Determining Attributes

Divide points. You have 18 points to distribute to attributes. One point spent to attributes equals to one point of attribute. Value 6 in attribute costs one extra point.

Roll the dice. Roll 6D6 and put the results in attributes as you please.

Roll and divide. Add roll 3D6 to 9 and divide total result to attributes.

Determine Secondary Attributes

Health points = Strength + Stamina x4
Wound points = Strength + Stamina
Wounds = Strength + Stamina /2
Defence = Stamina + Dexterity /2
Mental points = Stamina + Intelligence x4

Buying Skills

Spend 20 points to settings skills. Third skill level costs one additional point. Starting characters cannot obtain 4th skill level at the beginning of the game. It must be earned via experience.

Buying Hobbies

Spend 5 points to buy skills out from the skill list. Thid skill level costs one additional point.

Buying Gifts

Gifts are special abilities of characters. You have 3 points to buy gifts what vary in cost.

Buying Equipment

Determine starting equipment from skills. Every skill level of 2 is one skill related minor equipment. Every skill level of 3 is one skill related major equipment or two minor equipments.
If equipment is minor or major is determined by setting or Gamemaster.
Character's starting wealth is intelligence + D6 x5. You can use them to buy more equipment or convert to cash determined by the setting.

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