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YDIN - Modern setting skills list

This skill list is example for a modern setting.

Combat Skills:

FIREARMS+ (Dexterity)
+ Pistols
+ Rifles
+ Machine guns
Pistols to shotguns to sub-machine guns.

EXPLOSIVES (Intelligence)
Explosives and bombs.

Bazookas, rocket lounchers and granade lounchers. Also heavy military artllery.

Thrown knives, shooting stars, axes, darts.

THROW (Strength)
Grenades, rocks.

 MELEE WEAPONS+ (Dexterity or Strength)
+ Slashing/Piercing  (Dexterity)
+ Pludgeoning (Strength)

HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT (Dexterity OR Melee)
Different martial arts or styles have more specific rules. Hand-to-hand combat is basically for swinging punches.

DODGE (Defence)
Succesful dodge means that attack missed. Critical success means that you both dodge the attack and get extra action. Catastrophic failure means you take the damage and opponent gains an extra action.

PARRY (Defence)
Success means you parry an attack and no damage is dealt. Critical succes means you disarm your opponent. Catastrophic failure means you are disarmed.
Unarmed parry only works against hand-to-hand attacks. In that case with success you gain an extra action. Critical success means you can have either an extra action or grab your opponent. Catastrophic failure means your opponent gains an extra action or you are grabbed in opponents will.

Other Skills (In alphabetical order):

AEROPLANES* (Intelligence or Dexterity)
Flying an aeroplane usually is paired with Intelligence, but Dexterity is used in special manouvers.

ACADEMICS*+ (Intelligence)
+ Sub categories could be chemistry, biology, history etc.
Your general book knowledge and education.

ACROBATICS (Dexterity)
Physical manouvers to climb fences, to leap cracks and to run away a pursuer.

ANIMAL HANDLING+ (Charisma or Dexterity)
+ Riding
+ Animal knowledge
Ability to understand, train or mount animals.

ARTIST+ (Attribute varies)
Choose one field you can do arts. It could be for example painting, sculpting, dancing, playing an instrument etc.

BURGLARY (Dexterity or Intelligence)
Skill to know how to break and enter, disable alarms and open safes.

Knowledges of basic things that are learned in school, news or basic common sense.

COMPUTERS (Intelligence)
Skill to use computers, operating systems and internet.

ELECTRONICS (Intelligence or Dexterity)
Your knowledge about electronical devices, how they work, how to use them and how to repair them.

EMPATHY (Charisma)
To comfort another in need, know another's needs and to help scared or socked person. Or just convince another to be silent in stressful and dangerous situation when you need to shut up.

FAST-TONGUE (Charisma)
Skill to quickly come up with explanation or outright lying.

FINANCE* (Intelligence)
Stocks, banking, investement, echonomy

FIRST-AID (Intelligence or Dexterity
Skill to give first-aid for a victim. Succesfull first aid test stops bleeding, shock or other effect on target. Critical success gives D6 health points to target. Catastrophic failure deals D6 additional damage to target.

LANGUAGE+* (Intelligence)
Every different language learned is handled as it's own skill. In Gamemaster's will some similar languages can be understood or talked with one negative modifier. Untrained you cannot write language. Language skill is all speaking, understanding and writing.
Mother togue is not a skill, it is natural.
Languages might also be sign language or gang language.

LEADERSHIP (Charisma or Intelligence)
Your ability to convince the crowd, lead your squad or arrange and organize things. Paired with Charisma also convincing and manipulating others.

MECHANICS (Intelligence or Strength)
You know how mechanical things work, how to maintain, operate and repair them.

MYSTICISM (Intelligence)
Knowledge of occult and mystics.

You know how to give your point out and how to speak or act in public.

PHYSIC+* (Intelligence or Dexterity)
Physics is knowledge of medicine and also skill to perform medical tasks. Different fields of physics (ie. surgery and dental care are separate skills, but you know basics of every field with skill physics).

SEARCH (Perception)
General skill to finding and spotting things hidden or hid in purpose.

SNEAKING (Dexterity)
Your ability to move unnoticed and silently, or hide in the shadows or behind objects.

SURVIVAL+ (Stamina or Intelligence)
Skill both to survive in urban enviroment during night or finding water in desert.

VEHICLES+ (Dexterity)
+ Light and medium vehicles (motorcycles, cars, light trucks)
+ Heavy vehicles (trucks, semi-trucks, special vehicles)
+ Military vehicles* (tanks)

Skill to manouver boats of different types and to navigate.

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