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YDIN - Basic character advancement and experience

Characters have two values to indicate their experience and advancement.

  • Rank tells your character's current power level.
  • Steps indicate amount to gain to advance a rank.
Characters have ten steps. After every game session gamemaster values how well character did different tasks and how well his character handled the adventure and/or gaming session.
After gaining tenth step, character advances one rank. Advancing a rank character gains benefices; skill points to distribute on new skills or to raise current, attribute points to advance in attributes, new gifts etc.

Gaining Steps

After each session gamemaster values character's actions and achievements. Gamemaster then gives steps according to this:

  • 1 step for achieving a minor goal
  • 2 steps for achieving a major goal
  • 1 steps for each combat and or action involved situation
  • 2 steps for each victorous combat and or action involved situation
  • 1 step for gaining new knowledge
  • 2 steps for resolve minor adventure what lasted several gaming sessions (three or more)
  • 3 steps for resolving major adventure what lasted several gaming sessions (three or more)
Gaining A New Rank

When character has ten steps full, he advances a rank.

After each new rank character gains 2 skill points to distribute as in character creation. New skills cost 3 skill points. Skill points obtained in new rank can be saved for further use. Skill points can be used aswell to advance in hobbies or buy new hobbies.

After each fifth rank character gains 1 new gift point. Gifts are bought like in character creation. Gift points obtained in a new rank can be saved for further use.

After each tenth rank character gains 1 new attribute point. Attribute points are distributed as like in character creation. Attribute points obtained in a new rank can be saved for further use.

Starting A Character With Higher Rank

With gamemaster's will or permission starting character might start with higher rank than first. Usually characters start at first rank though, but in some campaigns gamemaster might want characters to be a higher rank from the beginning.
Creating a higher rank character: Create character as in character creation rules. After character is done, add ranks and benefices of each rank. Note, that additional ranks to starting characters affect to equipments only if gamemaster decides so.

Rank Table

1st Rank: Character creation
2nd Rank: +2 skill points
3rd Rank: +2 skill points
4th Rank: +2 skill points
5th Rank: +2 skill points, +1 gift point
6th Rank: +2 skill points
7th Rank: +2 skill points
8th Rank: +2 skill points
9th Rank: +2 skill points
10th Rank: +2 skill points, +1 gift point, +1 attribute point
11th Rank: +2 skill points
and so on...

Special Setting Rules For Steps And Ranks

Basically steps and ranks work similarly in every setting. There might be some additional benefices in every fifth and tenth rank though. Those are explained in settings in question.

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