Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh man, where's my post?

My latest post about orcs camps is lost! I do find it from RPG Bloggers site, but the link is dead. I might have heard somewhere, that some of Blogger/blogspot posts are missing, but they are restored soon...

I hope that's the case!

I wanted to make a post or two and was really inspired, but I guess I wont before I am certain, that this works.

Funny thing. One reason I write stuff here, is that I thought internet being good place to save writings. Too many bad experiences with broken harddrives, corrputed CD-backups etc. But yeah, maybe I start to save my texts from this blog to also .txt file.

My player is feeling sick now. I hope she endures some Vampire: the Masquerade playing, because I'd soon to be ready for that. Let's see. If she doesn't want to play, maybe I'll entertain myself with
The Battle For Wesnoth, free turn based strategy for Win, Linux, Mac/os etc.
Check it out here:


Guided Tours Rome said...

It seems like everyone was effected yesterday! Thanks, Blogger! It was really weird yesterday when that all went down, and completely out of the blue! Best of luck on the health of your player and restoring your missing posts. (It would be such a shame if they were lost for good!)

Unknown said...

@Sara, Guided Tours Rome: Thank you! I got my lost post back. There was time when couldn't access my blog at all, but great thing they managed to fix it.
We played, luckily she wasn't too sick for that.