Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Using specific item is a bonus (A-Z letter U)

Even though I am not that interested in new World of Darkness rules, there is one thing I find interesting and working solution. Items give bonus to dicepool. This is something, I would rip easily to oWoD game.

You got an item you can use in your task roll? Good. Item description shows do you get a bonus to your dice pool from this item. For example binoculars might give bonus to dice pool when observing something from a distance. Simple and in all of it's simplicity genious.

Also, you easily make difference in combat.
Laser sight, get +1 but if trying to shoot someone and trying to be unnoticed, it's easier to be notice.
Weapon stand gives bonus dicepool when aiming.
Silencer gives negative dicepool for surrounding guards to hear the gunfire.

Also there might be a difference with equipment quality. Add price to item, get bonus to dicepool when using it. Cheap Wallmart tools are not as efficient as more expensive Black&Decker tools.

In general I like to give or decrease dice from dicepool in V:tM than adjusting difficulty number. It's easier to determine general difficulty, and then make small tweaks with dicepool modifications. Easily it otherwise goes into:
It's raining so the roof is slippery: difficulty 7
But player character's combat boots got good grip: difficulty back to 6.

Just keep the enviromental difficulty at 7 and give one extra die for combat boots. Much easier than tweaking difficulty number back and forth thinking about every aspect what can affect it.

This simple and quick rule works with every old World of Darkness game (I know of).

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