Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yawn, curse this tiredness (Y for A-Z)

I remember the times, not so long ago, only six months or so, when I used to play roleplaying games at least five days a week. Weekends Friday and Saturday I played my main campaign, what currently was running. During week days we did play also the main campaign, or secondary specific "weekday" campaign.

Our last secondary weekday game was Dungeons & Dragons we played few days a week before Friday and Saturday, when we played our main campaign.

But then came tiredness. After work and doing all stuff needs to be done during weekday evenings I was too tired to play rpg's. Instead I grabbed Wii mote or PS2 controller, read a book or watched movies. Easier, no need to think or interact that much.
Usually during working days I am eager to get home and start playing. I wait for that moment to sit down and go into fantastic worlds of roleplaying games. But am too damn tired to do that.

I hope, that when summer comes and work gets easier (damn snow and ice and freezing of equipment can make things annoying) I have stamina to play during week. After all, I'd rather play a hour or few before going to bed some roleplaying game than just sit down basically not doing anything that interesting.

Actually last week we thought we wanted to start our weekday gaming, and created a character for Praedor. Also played one session and it was fun activity in the evening after hard working day. Still, after that one session we didn't play again. It's not that we wouldn't want to, but it's because yawning takes too much energy in the evening.

Fingers crossed, that spring that has started and summer after it makes the magic of roleplaying happen also during weekdays. But in the autumn, when it's all dark, cold and wet nothing quits the day better than hot coffee, warm sandwitches and orc blood running.

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