Thursday, May 5, 2011

Zooming back to May's A-Z blogging challenge (Final content, the letter "Z")

It's done. A bit late, but I made it! I am both proud and disappointed of myself. Proud, because I handled all the alphabets. Disappointed, because I couldn't keep up with the schedule.

Anyways, let's zoom to this challenge from my point of view.

Inspiration To Blog Content

When you have this certain letter you are going to base your blog text of, it is an inspiration. You have to forge your idea to fit that letter. I think, there were some topics I wouldn't have blogged about without the challenge. The challenge gave me an empty canvas and a tool to paint a picture. The rest was up to me.

New Visitors

My guess is, that because of this challenge in my blog visited people, who wouldn't have visited otherwise. And the positive thing is, that big amount of those persons were those, who don't play roleplaying games. So I feel that it was a privilege for my blog to show roleplaying hobby to those people. Maybe my blog is not the best available to peek at this hobby, but it is something.
For all you people, who thanks to A-Z challenge, ventured to my blog, I salute you! Thank you for visiting, thank you for your comments. Maybe inside someone's heart a little seed is growing towards roleplaying games. Let's hope.

Interesting Blogs

Those who visited my blog and commented, I traced back to their blogs. Maybe I did not comment back, but I found out interesting blogs. Strange thing is, that most of the commenting visitors here had blog about writing. So I guess roleplaying and writing are close to each other. Well, they are. Think about when players write their character background and game masters write their settings and adventures.
Part of roleplaying hobby is pretty close to creative writing. Oh, and we got books too!


Yey! I got two awards during this. Thank you Elizabeth Mueller! I did not even know that there were these kind of awards around blogs. But now I know, and I am really pleased I got that much some kind of interest to earn them.
Another is Creative Blog Award, the second I Survived The 2011 A-Z Blogging Challenge Award. Yes, I survived it, made it to the end.
I will proudly carry those awards on my blog.


Even though I basically write this blog for myself (obviously only for myself, why otherwise this would be public and I've joined RPG Bloggers duh), it's nice to have comments from other gamers and visitors. I have had great ideas from others, help understanding some concepts and visited commenters' blogs to find awesome stuff!


Now, back to normal blogging. It's a bit sad the challenge has ended. I wish you everyone reading my blog great gaming and writing hours in the future.

Thank you!

PS: I hate Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, what ever speaches.They are so lame.

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