Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Supers games (A-Z letter S)

Superhero roleplaying games? There are several but I've never played one. I was into superhero comic books when I was a kid (who wasn't) but even though I also played roleplaying games for some reason it never got into my mind that I could roleplay a superhero. Today I am not that interested in supers anymore, but still I bought myself a copy of Mutants & Masterminds. It was cheap and my first supers came to add more genres into my collection.

I have read Mutants & Masterminds and even though it uses D20 system I think it's pretty good for it. Quick and easily adjustable to higher inhuman power levels. M&M is more like a superhero toolbox. With really versatile character creation you can create almost any kind of superhero you wish for.

Now as our Vampire: the Masquerade campaign is close to ending, I asked my player what she would like to play next (we keep the rule of thumb that every other campaign is Vampire, every other something else for variation) and she browsed my rpg collection and suggested Mutants & Masterminds to be the next game we play. I was positively surprised. She's never been into superheroes and I thought that M&M would be the last game she'd suggest as there are games what she'd obviously find more interesting.

Maybe also she wants to try out something totally new what both of us have never played before. Let's see how it goes. First step is to create a character and I suggested her to first write and sketch her character and after it we start together to build it with character creation rules to fit her description.
It can be a blast, or total catastrophe. My guess is that for it being a huge success it needs to be more a beer and pretzel game than totally serious game. Let time see, how my player steps into boots of a superhero.

I already have made a test character. Here:

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