Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Quit whining about editions (A-Z letter Q)

Edition wars are boring. There's been too many of them about D&D. But I have to admit, that I have given my own contribution to edition wars before. Old World of Darkness against New World of Darkness.

I did not like that oWoD was put into ice and nWoD basically replaced it. I know that there are hundreds of oWoD books still available second hand or in PDF and I know that oWoD did do too much so it was better to cancel the mess before it got more messier, but still I found oWoD way much better and interesting than the new one. I did not like people who said nWoD was better than oWoD.

I got several nWoD core books and thought maybe even I should jump in this new edition of World of Darkness, but didn't like it. When I got my copy of Vampire: the Requiem I found it not fascinating. Haven't read it to this day and won't read it. Instead I started to collect Vampire: the Masquerade source books when ever I found them in good price.

I tried out Werewolf: the Forsaken as it was my first Werewolf book I bought. I have to admit, I liked to Storytell it but after I bought Werewolf: the Apocalypse I immediately forgot the very existence of V:tF. W:tA just has different kind of magic.

I also bought Mage: the Awakening but found it ugly and boring. Never read it. I found Mage: the Ascension and immediately sold Awakening. Now reading Ascension and loving it (even though all Umbra thing is annoying, but still).

Same thing with Hunter. First hunter I got my hands of was Vigil, but never was interested enough to open it to read. Sold it when got Reckoning. Haven't read it yet though, but it is in my mind way more interesting.

Only interesting books I own from nWoD line and what I wont sell are Changeling: the Lost and Slasher. Slasher is great book because I like horror movies and Changeling is otherwise really cool urban horror fantasy. Those I do like.

Still, I think I was stupid bashing around how awesome oWoD is and how much nWoD sucks. I like oWoD, and that's what I've used to play. I did not find same kind of magic in nWoD, but it is not an excuse to bash about it. New World of Darkness I think is equally good game. It is good if people buy it and enjoy playing it. It is better that people play roleplaying games, it doesn't matter what game it is, or what edition of a game it is.

So, let's be tolerate to people's tastes. It should be more valuable that people actually play roleplaying games and enjoy this hobby than do they play OD&D or D&D4. It doesn't matter. If you enjoy your game edition and other game group enjoys his game edition, it is a success for roleplaying hobby. People enjoy playing what ever they like to play and that is only thing that should matter to those individuals, that they have fun!

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