Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cool post from Greyhawk Grognard: The Megadungeon Industry

That's a good read and I already commented it, but liked to point that out again (and from my blog I can find it again ;) )

That is cool idea, that around a dungeon becomes economy. Sleeping small farming village developes to a trading center for merchants buying and re-selling dungeon-goods.

Basically thinking more about that post it feels like that little farming village doesn't have resources or money to buy items adventurers gain. But rumours go fast for good business opportunity and maybe some merchants see that this village is a good business. They come by to see what goods are actually sold and when characters start to sell items they find for these merchants and merchants send items further for re-selling them, word goes further again.

Soon, like in post, local tavern is expanded for new visitors, local food resources are grown to satisfy the needs of hungry and thirsty customers and this way small farming village gets it's selling rate higher. They don't anymore produce items and goods and food for themselves, but need to expand their resources. Farmers need more cattle and fields, tavern needs more space and blacksmith needs to do other things than those daily products and tools.

So thanks to that dungeon and adventurers taking the challenge, forgotten small, maybe poor, little village grows to a city. Maybe some of the cities where characters visit are grown this way bigger. City has been lucky that there is a dungeon nearby what has developed their economy.

Thinking about adventuring character group, they can be the ones who start to develope one small village first to meet their needs, and later others. Maybe when characters are gone, this small village continues its growing and dungeon lures more adventurers.

World lives even if characters don't see it. It's like the question: "If no one is hearing, does a tree falling over at a forest make a noise?" Yes it does. And yes, gameworld does live wether characters see it or not.
Interesting thing is, that if characters revisit that village later, they could see how it's changed and grown for a town.

In that blogpost from Greyhawk Grognard I also like the idea of specialists where the quoted example from the movie Jaws shows it well.

That post is gold. Good thinking, nice to read. Take a look at it.

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