Sunday, September 12, 2010

[DnD] Half-way there to lvl up, what happened and thoughts about DnD

Yesterday was a serious experience bomb for character. I quess. Don't know how fast does character gain lower levels, or how much experience points should an individual get after a session. Player was happy though, and that's what matters.

LuvMina (the character) had 35 experience points from sessions one and two. He agreed to halflings deal. There's that beggar with lots of money. He does beg and has gained great wealth from it. But he is also extremely stingy. That's why he is still a beggar, but a wealthy one.

As that rich beggar doesn't need gold as he just stacks it, Francis has thought that he could share that gold with him. Francis thinks though, that he isn't willing to share his gold with him that easily, so he's asking LuvMina to help him. This way he could pay his dept of 1 goldpiece wasted for ale and he promises that LuvMina get's her share of 200gp.

Off they go to streets where Francis knows beggar is. They find him and start following. Beggar is not suspicious, so following check is DC15. Both success (well, tell me if halfling thief with 4 ranks on sneak can like _ever_ fail sneaking or hiding?) After a corner of the house they have lost sight of him, but Luv's eyes spot rags and quarterstaff that beggar was using. So they now are following different looking guy who they haven't yet seen.

They decide to split up and meet later. LuvMina starts her search and finds by ragged shoe-kind-of-things the right guy and continues following. Guy gets out of the slum to moderate area and on his way he has dropped one piece of his tattered cloth every once and now until he looks like a normal folk.
So, he is normal person, living in a small one room house where is no lock but guard dog instead.

LuvMina isn't wondering about beggar that much (I suppose, that he is member or wants to be a member of thieves guild. Yes, he wants to join thieves guild but must collect x amount of gold first to qualify) but hurries to go and tell Francis what she discovered.

Okay, plan. Only way inside is dog. But it is propably guard dog (there's money inside, no lock as they are clumsy, hard to obtain and damn expensive). LuvMina knows sleep spell but doesn't want to use it. Francis wants to see some spell action (actually me as DM wanna see player using spells, so she understands how they work and what they do). Anyways, they get inside, guard dog is just little white poodle with BIG barking noise, LuvMina casts sleep-spell. Dog falls asleep and luckily Francis' will save is a success. They tie up the dog and put it in a sack.

Yes, simple room. Searching and halfling's eyes (I rolled 20 yey) spot hidden door under a rug. Listen check and they hear something moving below the floow. Player asks can they open the hidden door and I say yes. Player says her character crack the door and cast speel inside. *Thumb* the thief goes and they loot his place. As LuvMina is just level 1 sleep spells effect is 1 minute. Hurrying they gather bags (total of 5) and rush out. That poor thief has no even idea what just happened.

I decided that that thiefing stuff (well, whole session) was CR1 encounter, but as there was 2 characters encounter itself was worth of 150 exp for LuvMina. She got around 300 of gold (random treasure table, no items).
I quess 1 gold equals 1 xp... or is it already concidered in CR1 xp (CR1 monster has 300 gold is 300 experiences worth). Well, what ever, this time she had around 450 experience points. And second session she didn't get any experience points as some "find that thief and rob him" adventure was unfinished.

Anyways. Again was fun and I hope that my player learns to actually do stuff. We have played games about storytelling, not that much action. And if you just sit there hands pocketed in D&D, nothing's gonna happen. And if you just say "I roll to hit" it's both boring _and_ you cannot survive all encounters like that. Or kill everything you see.

That sleep spell using was great. Also sorcerers are cool.


Anonymous said...

It's been a while since I played 3rd Edition, but I don't think gold counts as experience points in that edition as it did in earlier editions. Gold is one bucket, which is used to buy stuff. Experience is another bucket, which is used to level up.

From looking at the table on page 166 of the 3rd Edition Dungeon Master's Guide, it looks like a CR1 monster/trap/situation is worth 300 XP, so that should probably be LuvMina's total right now (plus whatever she might have earned from catching Francis the thief). Yes, that puts her 30% of the way to gaining a level, but that's because this is an encounter above her level. A CR1 challenge is EL1 for a party of four characters. For a one-character party, a CR1 challenge is a higher encounter level, so she SHOULD get more than a "normal" encounter worth of XP.

As for treasure, that's in addition to XP as explained on pages 169-170 of the Dungeon Master's Guide.

It sounds like LuvMina is doing great!

warhammer tau said...

Nice reading here,I enjoy the story because I learn something which I will not do to interrupt gaining points.Thank's for the share,advantage for us not to do the same situation.

Unknown said...

Answered to onlinegm in an actual new post. Too much stuff came in my mind.

@warhammer tau: I quite didn't understand your comment now. But meh, I am foreigner :D

playmobil knights said...

Looks fun to play! Can I see how the game looks like. I'm really wondering how it looks.

Unknown said...

@playmobil knights: If you are spamming comment to promote your store, I really don't appreciate that.

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