Sunday, September 5, 2010

New World of Darkness is not for me...

I cannot help it. I have tried. I have really tried to read a nWoD book and plan to run a game, but no. It is not interesting.

I tried to run W:tF and it was fun storytelling, but when game changed to technical where you actually needed Forsaken setting the campaign died. I had no interest to read the fluff. I could do Werewolf character, and that's it.
Now I have tried to read Vampire: the Requiem and got to page 20 or so when I started to read Clanbook Nosferatu for V:tM and A World of Darkness sourcebook and totally forgot whole Requiem. I have already read both AWoD and C:N, but I found that I'd rather start to read them all over again than read Requiem the first time.

I cannot say if nWoD is good or bad. It is just not interesting enough for me to study. But old World of Darkness. Wow, that really turns me on.

So I made a hard decision. I like to collect rpg's and I appreciate my nWoD collection. As a decoration. But they are useless for me and I hope there is someone who will appreciate them and use them. They are not for me and as pretty (and filling) as they are in my shelf I am selling or exchanging them away.

I want money for them, or I'd be glad to swap them to oWoD core books I don't already own or V:tM sourcebooks. I also concider some other core books from different game lines.

Unfortunately this advertisement is in finnish, but if you are finnish and interested in nWoD stuff (+ Werewolf: the Apocalypse 2nd edition) check out this:


Anonymous said...

I really like what they did rules wise in NWod but I much like you I try and read he fluff and I can't retain it. I know the OWoD so well that its hard to retain the new stuff.

Anonymous said...

My real problem with the nWOD is that it's too much a horror game, and whoever was in charge of the new line didn't realize that the game really was never about horror. The new system is very clean and I like the system, but it just stripped out everything that I had really liked about the older games to make these new 'classes' for lack of better term.

For the most part, the only racebook I can touch of it, is Changeling, and only if I just ignore most of the book. I either run it like I ran oWoD, or I run it like JAGS Wonderland. (I actually really like it for JAGS Wonderland, actually)

Unknown said...

WoD core book's rules are slightly more simple than oWoD rules decreasing steps of dice rolling and making all the rules unite.

But for some reason with +2 of goggles to perception it is a bit too gamish for me rather than storytelling.