Thursday, September 2, 2010

[V:tM] One Nosferatu haven

Amanda D'arc.

My haven

  My haven is a little detached house just outside town. Subway goes near so it's easy for me to go to city when ever I need to, as I don't have a car or even a license to drive one. Not that the lincense is what I need, no, I don't know even how to drive a car. And gladly the subway takes only about 10 mins to get to town, so its really convenient and fast.

 So, how shall I describe my little house, lets see...
Well, theres not much to say about it. Its quite small, but enough for me. 2 rooms and a kithcen, which is no use for me of course, and a bathroom. It also has a nice cellar, good for storing wine but useless to me again in that purpose.
 Decoration is very simple, that isn't important to me. Most important thing is that it's safe from one thing I hate the most; sun.

 The house takes its place in a small suburb area. A merely poor one. A few detached houses here and there with rather big yards comparing the ones in city. Small quiet streets on left and right side of my house and a path that leads to bigger road from behind my house. And beside that big road goes the subway. It goes on top of ground for a while before it lands underground. I can see car and subway lights from my livingroom window and I can hear the noise, but that is just like a sweet lullaby to my ears.
I got the house with a little help from a Ventrue. I have to pay a small rent so that he can cover up the expenses from electricity and stuff. Thats not ok with me but then again im not interested in trying to do something about it. So I guess I'm satisfied about the arrangemet we have, for now.

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