Saturday, September 11, 2010

[DnD] Spells into cards

Okay, character being magic-user he obviously needs spell list. There is not that much space to write down details of spells, and it is slow to use PHB to find spell descriptions. So, what to do?

I downloaded Magic Set Editor (get it HERE). Basically it is used to build custom trading card game cards (ie. Magic: the Gathering) but with a bit of imagination, it can be used in various different ways.

I used it to build card for every spell character knows. It is easy to flip cards on your computer screen (or hands if you print them). I wrote down spell effect and necessary information of them. Easy to use and they look cool!

I put here two examples. Unfortunately they are for my own use only because I use copyrighted pictures.

Sleep spells picture from Magic: the Gathering cards, Mage Armor picture from some mmorpg.

Edit: In cards there is typo. - should be before word level, not after. I have fixed it, but in those images I uploaded the mistake is still visible. Also in Sleep spell it should indicate 2D4 HD creatures.

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