Thursday, September 9, 2010

DnD + Perfect World... well screw that!

Okay, I was really excited on doing my DnD campaign on mmorpg Perfect World, but screw that. Don't get me wrong, but there is too much in a world to handle.

I decided, that our hero sorceress Luv Mina who wanted to see world did not go to some lame camp at the middle of nowhere, but instead went to a city.

If you have lived your whole life in a small town or inn and everytime you saw those heroes wanted to be something, and when finally you leave home wouldn't you go to a place where actually is happening something? Answer is: Yes.

So, city it is. Forget Perfect World. City shall be named... well, I think I bash my head on the keyboard on that and twist the result a bit to get something intelligent and readable.

But how to make the city then? Using this:

It'll be fun, I can prepare it in advance or randomly generate it during playing.

What is good in city there could be many different encounters, sewer systems go as dungeons, mansions, cults... and you can always get out and find that lovely countryside dungeon to raid.

So, onwards to new start with DnD!

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