Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labeling these jars of posts

I got sick of my labeling. What I have learned after (re-)launced my campaign blog (in finnish here) that you must have some kind of a plan about how you want to label your post, or you end up having a horrible mess!

That's where this blog ended. So I deleted every single label and will do all the work again. Now with a plan.

I decided to think what kind of labels I want to use to make things clear.

  1. NAME OF THE GAME: This label is quite obvious. If I talk about certain game in my post, I will label what game I talk about
  2. GENRE: For those interested in certain genre, I will use common stripped genres like horror, scifi, fantasy etc.
  3. CHARACTERS: Player characters or NPCs will be easily found from here. It could be a bit too tricky to label characters in certain type or game... but could do that. It would look like: Characters - D&D, Characters V:tM. Yeah, more labels but if you are interested in WoD characters it doesn't help that you see every character in every game or genre.
  4. WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT: Campaign idea, rules thinking, own project, about miniatyres or gaming in general, GM Tools?
I might add some additional labels, but I think that is the core. Now, the work starts! I wonder how much experience I gain for this quest.

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