Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yey we did D&D character!

Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition

Today we did it. Our first D&D character. Well, my girlfriend did it herself as I will be a game ma... *krhm* DUNGEON Master.

She wanted a spell caster of some sort and checking out the possibilities we decided to make her character to be sorcerer. Race is half-elf for elven are too... pointy eared and human too dull.

It was kinda strange and fun to roll your character. Last x games have been point buy systems, so rolling a character was a fresh wind for us.

But one thing I have to say, that even though character creation took only 2 hours or so total including selecting spells, it was a great struggle! Calculating modifiers, referring to tables and figuring out the meaning for all of them wasn't that easy as I would have excepted. It was actually in times quite confusing for us.

But we made a character. I am not sure is it done right 100% but atleast we got something to play with now. I did ask questions via msn from my D&D guru friend (thanks Pauli for clarifying those foggy areas) so I guess we did pretty good after all.

We also had our first test-run fight. Sorcerer character versus skeleton (found in Player's Hanbook) and after major headache figuring out how ranged touch works our heroine killed that skeletor with her spear with one blow!

Next time we take the character sheet out, we gotta summon her familiar. Oh noes, first adventuring, as familiar costs 100 g and she only has 6 to start with.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

@ onlinedm. Thanks for the wishes!

I've roleplayed 17 years or something. I think this is my 18th year already.

When I was a kid we played D&D Red Box (finnish edition) few times, but preferred Warhammer more. At some point I got myself AD&D 2nd edition but it didn't trigger the "wanna continue to play this". We tried it for one session though but switched the rules to a system we did like more.

So there has never been any "D&D is awesome" moments in my life. When I started to play rpg's D&D didn't involve in it.

I've had this 3rd edition for some time now and always wanted to test what's the fuzz about Dungeons & Dragons and after 3rd edition I quess it has changed radically from old AD&D and previous times.

This was first character ever generated to D&D 3. It was quite fun, but games I have played lately have been so much easier in character generation. I know that D&D is quite rules-medium when you think about it and compare it to games in general but for me rolling stuff, referring to tables and all that was a big braincracking. For a moment.

But in our test-try fight it kinda klicked and I understood in my own way what's this all about.

In 21th century I have played most old World of Darkness games and some other games every now and then, so this D&D experiment is so different... and yeah. It feels so fun!

(Removed my first comment because of annoying typo)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think what D&D offers is a classic fantasy role playing experience, no matter what edition you're using. I learned to play years ago with 3rd Edition, and yes, there are a LOT of rules involved with character creation! I'm glad you guys are enjoying it.

If you ever want to try a quick 4th Edition game online, feel free to reach out to me - I'd be happy to run the two of you through a one-shot game sometime so you can see what it's all about. 3rd Edition is great, too, but I'm just more familiar with 4th personally.

Unknown said...

"This is the first time I've read your site, so I don't know your history, but I thought I'd point out that D&D 4th Edition has a free Character Builder program you can download to make characters of level 1-3. It does the math for you, which makes life a little easier.

But yeah, going back to 3rd Edition and using the character sheets and books and dice and hand calculations does sound like fun, too! Good luck with the game! "

Damn, that should be first here. Don't play with your blog when tired!!!

I checked your blog and enjoyed reading it. 4th edition... I have heard so much about it and not all of it is flattering.

If in buying rpg's I wasn't at the moment focused on buying oWoD stuff, I could grab 4th edition... you know, as a collector. But I quess in my opinion 4th edition is more board gamish and strategy gamish than role. What comes to rules.