Thursday, September 23, 2010

Inventory time & New books

I did inventory of my rpg's both books and printed PDF's. I didn't count PDF's in my harddrive, as I should clear them out to see what there is. Even I cannot know what bits lurk beneath the surface of this plastic cover.

Anyways, currenlty I have 73 books on my bookshelf. It's not that much, but I am quite pleased. Well, there allways could be more, but I am getting there.
I am also quite pleased on the collection I have. There are games I play regularly (well, in cycles but still) like Vampire: the Masquerade and Fading Suns. There are few books I have tried once or more often, but most of the books are those I haven't never played or even read!
One thing I am happy with are my horror RPG's. World of Darkness, Kult, UA, AFMBE, CoC and so on. I am a real horror fanatic (in books, novels, music, movies, games, you name it) so those are the ones I am proud of.
Then there are games I will propably never play. Well, you never know. I thought I'd never play D&D but meh, here I am! But Earthdawn I suspect a lot, even though I've heard lots of good about it. And CPv3 I will propably not even read!

Supplements I don't appreciate that much. Well, For Vampire: the Masquerade yes, as that is mah fabulously favourite game liek evah! And well, old World of Darkness in general, Bring Them Books To Me!
Usually though I just need core book(s) to get rough idea of the game and the rest I color myself. There are few supplements though In other game lines also.
Adventures and campaigns I prefer self tailored, so Earthdawn campaigns which I own two pieces are worthless. Well, another of them provides new character "class", but as I don't play the game...
Kult sourcebooks though are gold. Really, really good read. Even if you aren't roleplayer, they are good read for your horror dose. Yes, they are written as a game, but I am not the only one saying that Kult additional material is gold. Wish I had more.
GURPS, is there anything else (interesting) than sourcebooks? Oh GURPS has also basic rules? Who cares. Seriously, I don't like GURPS (and this is not right time, place or mood to explain why) but some of the GURPS sourcematerial is pure gold! And it is easy to use with any game. Usually GURPS stuff is written that way. There is more information than rules crunch. Me like.

New Books And Bye Bye Old Books

I had a hard decision to make. Hunter: the Vigil, H:tR ST Screen, Witch Finders and Mage: the Awakening were games I barely read. I like World of Darkness, but don't like the new one. I don't know why.
And as I got Hunter: the Reckoning already, I thought I'd sell my Vigil away. Also I started to make a deal about Mage: the Ascension, so bye bye Awakening.
Luckily I got my Hunter stuff and Mage sold. Some extra money to buy new games! What did I get then:

I lost my new Hunter, but had already old Hunter. So isn't it logical that I lost new Mage and got old Mage? Yes! I am so darn happy that I finally got my Mage: the Ascension. It's second edition. I've been told it's the best.
Storyteller's screens I don't need at all, and Witch Finders was not interesting (nWoD-boo-hoo) so what did I get instead? Ghouls: Fatal Addiction (for old WoD) and Children of the Night. Ghouls seems to be really good book and adds a new dimension to game. You can actually play rich ghoul character now, so it's not all about Vamps anymore. How cool is that? And the art! Yeah, I love it. It's twisted and genuine Vampire style. Pervert but beautiful. WTF but WOW.
Children of the Night is a hard one. I don't like ready made material (cities, adventures, also NPC's) so I won't propably use this book in my games. But it is interesting to see what kind of vampires the developers of the game intended them to be. As they state in the very beginning of this book (yes, I popped it open right away) that there is no wrong way to play Vampire. So, I wanna see their way how they indended to do NPC's. And in the beginning there is really good guideline making your own NPC's and their power levels. Art is cool also. Too photoshopped over real photos, but still, it's cool.

And last but not least (well, after World of Darkness stuff, yes, least) Mutants & Masterminds. Looks like a comic. Looks like a simple system. I only have hard good about this. So, really curious for this. And it's only 196 or so pages long, so not mission impossible to read.

What will (my girfriend allow me) I get next?

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