Monday, September 20, 2010

It's a Darkmantle!

So, we watched those two D&D movies, and I have to say, that they sucked so bad that I almost ripped my eyes out. That's 'nuf said of those abominations.

So, into the game. LuvMina found the bad behaving apprentice's lair at the sewers, she and her NPC companion killed 10 rats and got ready to open the door in next session. NPC thief had no problem lockpicking the door open so they entered the room.

Room contained a table, bookshelf, bedroll and three cases of mushrooms (my random mushroom table what we rolled after examination). But the ceiling of the room looked really dark and shadowy.

I had trouble figuring out what kind of monster there was captured as a guardian, so when I flipped back and forth Monster Manual and found Darkmantle, I grinned. Same monsters were in the movie (so I had good visual image how they will be) and they are CR 1 encounters. Darkmantle there will be!

Ten rats were a trouble, so I decided only to put one Darkmantle against level 1 wizard and level 2 rogue. My player knew what there was lurking at the ceiling, before her character saw the monster dropping down. First attack for Darkmantle, and a miss. Slowly it began to hover back onto the ceiling to drop again, so heroes had their attacks. LuvMina missed her Magic missile, and rogue had no more luck with throwing a dagger. So Darkmantle did a new attack (I rolled D6 to see which of them it would attack. As rogue was last to attack, it was 1-4 against 5-6 to him with D6). Darkmantle attacked again and covered the rogue under it's blanket-like body.

I am not sure how Darkmantle's attacks work, but I figured out that first attack is simple melee attack what deals damage, and after it Darkmantle does damage every turn IF its victim cannot shrug the monster off. So in first attack round when rogue was hit I dealt damage as shown on the MM stats but Darkmantle did not last to another round, as LuvMina shot it with her Frost and rogue stabbed it inside (I gave -5 to attack roll though) and the Darkmantle died.

When LuvMina's player realised that the opponent will be Darkmantle, she was wery concerned how many of those there is, and even if only one attacked, she really thought there will be more. Even though the monster was killed the second round, I liked the mood, that player (and the character) was really concerned about their survival. So I quess that one Darkmantle did a good job. It did not kill anyone, dealed some damage to rogue and was easy to kill (after those rats). Still, there was fright about other similar beings lurking on the ceiling.

So, Darkmantle was a succesful monster. Worth a "ding" (in mmorpg we yelled "DING" in guild chat when leveled up). They found some documents and grabbed two kinds of mushrooms (third was result 4 in size, huuuge one but character did not bother to slice a piece of it. Actually she wasn't interested in the mushrooms at all).

Back to mage's guild and report the mission. We ended the game when character was rewarded the ring.

Next session she will learn what is the magical effect behind the ring. +1 to spear attacks. Player has whined about how her character sucks in spear, so I give this +1 ring to spear attacks to her, so she is only at -1 melee bonus after it).

Oh, and the halfling rogue did sneak into mage's guild to see and hear what LuvMina is doing there reporting her quest. My halfling rogue is like a kender from Dragonlance. Sneaky, stealing, annoying, blabbering and likes magic alot!

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