Wednesday, September 8, 2010

D&D character and campaign planning - Character portraits

 These pictures are from mmorpg Perfect World my-en server. Reason why I post them here, I will run my DnD campaign in Perfect World!

 This beautiful young lady is Luv Mina. Main character (character "sheet" here)

Here are few characters I will make as NPC's. I hope my player who rolled her PW character for DnD will be thrilled meeting our alternative characters in mmorpg!

Azathara is werefox, what basically is a half furry half hottie. And that character class can turn into fox. Also they can tame pets to use in combat... Not sure what race in DnD would do that part. Sorcerers got familiars... bur race. Maybe I gotta homebrew one.
Another chick on the right is ~NeoSlut~ (my character grau). She is human mage. I think she will be a wizard maybe. But if I introduce her as a NPC in my DnD game maybe I should came up with a better name, don't you think?

SaulCold. This is my main character in PW. Actually he got his name from one rpg NPC, and now I will make from my mmorpg character a NPC again. What goes around and so on.
Saul Cold is a warrior class in PW and so shall he be in DnD also! He's my highest level character, has been officer in 2 guilds and finally was a guild master of his own. So I will make Saul definately higher level character in DnD.
SaulCold (in rpg and now on Saul Cold) is quite... original. He has changed his outlook many times and was a lady's man. In rpg before PW, in PW and will be in DnD. This picture on the right is from Saul Cold's emo period.
Another picture of Saul Cold after his emo-period before. Notice the flying sword. Yeah, in PW after lvl 20 you get flying thingie (different types for different races) to travel around. I think that won't work on DnD, or would you like to see above human city people with flying swords?

Elven archer called Izeree. Is there archers in DnD or should I make him a rogue? Rogue might suit quite well I think. And blue hair in DnD? Hell yeah.

At this point I have to say it sucks as I am not familiar with character classes and I cannot determine who will be what. I mean, NeoSlut will most definately be a wizard, but our werefox Azathara I am not sure at all. Druid maybe? Could Izeree be a ranger, as rogue doesn't quite suit him I quess.

Well, back to introducing characters.

This character is actually from International server, not My-En like previous characters. I had this Ankaran Werebeast in my-en though (that's why there is text Ankaran vol. 2 at the bottom). I liked the character so much I did it on another server also (this was character I rp'd 95% of the time). Ankaran would most definately be a barbarian class. In game they can change into a tiger, but barbarian + weretiger would be a bit too much? Would it? I think Ankaran would be good half-orc barbarian. Yes, that's it.

This strapping young lad... cannot remember his name. Also in PW International. But he is elf cleric. I think I will make this one to be a halfling cleric. There are already some elven, and I'd like to introduce other races also to my NPC gallery. So halfling cleric he will be.

As I will base my DnD campaign to Perfect World mmorpg, those will be NPC's to start with. There is an open slot for a dwarf though. Not sure do I have spare characters in PW to take dwarf's place or should I rip it from my World of Warcraft character gallery. Currently I cannot remember my dwarf characters from there, but I might as well create an original character as my gf/player hasn't played WoW that much so she doesn't have that many connections there. Can dwarf be a paladin? Don't know but what the heck, I will make Dwarf Paladin!

These are NPC's and character for my DnD - Perfect World campaign.

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