Monday, September 20, 2010

New series of posts: "Movies to RPG's"

Usually, when I see a movie I think how I could use it as a rpg setting or adventure seed, or whole adventure itself. I haven't written down these ideas, but decided to do so. I watch movies quite a lot (well, sometimes none, sometimes loads of depending on the mood and other things).

I decided to narrow this "series" of posts to only movies I own as DVD. Otherwise it would be bigger scale, if I'd think a way to use a movie in a rpg setting for every movie I see.

So, movies I own and watch as DVD, ideas how I would use them as rpg setting, adventure or something else, will be found under new label "Movies to RPGs".

That label will contain:
  • A small review about a DVD I own and watched recently
  • Ideas how I would use it as RPG material
  • Tools for GM's to use it (stats, plots etc.)
Basically it could go under GM Tools label also, but as they are based on movies, I will separate them.


Siskoid said...

I like it!

Unknown said...

I hope you like it. Actually started to write about movie Evil Aliens to All Flesh Must Be Eaten.