Thursday, September 2, 2010

My chronicles in interwebs!

I did use blogspot to save my roleplaying campaigns, gaming sessions, characters, npc's etc. but decided to try out wiki. I found, that I am too lazy to edit wiki, so turned back into blogging. I know, that blog is not best possible thing out there to write down your campaigns but meh, it is fastest and easiest one.

So, now I got blog for my rpg campaigns and camaign stuff again. Unfortunately, it is in finnish, so majority of people reading this blog wont understand a single word I save there.

Still, here is the address:

I tried to use my epic google skills to find page translator for finnish to english, but couldn't find one... So, if anyone knows how to get some program embedded into my site what can translate my finnish moontalk to generic roleplaying language (english) I'd appreciate it.

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